#DouglassDay Transcribe-a-thon in University College Cork

Written by Donna Alexander, PhD (University College Cork)

Douglass Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of February to commemorate the life and times of Frederick Douglass, an escaped slave who wrote, lectured and campaigned for abolition, women’s rights, and temperance.  February is also Black History Month, and for the last number of years, the Colored Convention Project (CCP) have organised Transcribe-a-thons in order to increase the amount of online resources related to Black Studies.  They invite participants around the world to host satellite events in their own organisations.

This year, the DARIAH Ireland team (Dr Orla Murphy and Dr Donna Alexander) organised an event in University College Cork.  Over 40 institutions around the world organised simultaneous transcribe-a-thons this year.  In total #DouglassDay 2018 resulted in 779 pages transcribed, 402 pages reviewed and approved, and 600 new registered #volunpeers (as they call themselves). Continue reading #DouglassDay Transcribe-a-thon in University College Cork

Defining Communities in Research

Community Engagement Working Group poster at the DARIAH Annual Event in Berlin, April 2017

The Community Engagement working group in VCC2 is charged with making meaningful connections with researchers in the AHSS disciplines in order to drive forward work within the wider VCC2 network.

In order to do this, of course, we must first identify and define the communities with whom we want to engage.  At the DARIAH Annual Event, held in Berlin last month, we launched our campaign to do just that. Continue reading Defining Communities in Research