April 2014 in Athens: VCC2 meeting & DARIAH -GR kick-off

In April 2014, two important DARIAH-related events took place in Greece which showed that the Greek Digital Humanities community is robust and highly motivated.


On April 5th and 6th, DARIAH-GR hosted a VCC2 meeting at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications. The National and Kapodistrian ​University of Athens and Digital ​Curation ​Unit​ undertook its organisation on the premises of the department. This was a yearly VCC2 planning meeting which featured reports on past and current research activities, planning of future VCC2 events, and discussion of grant-funded research proposals to be submitted. One of the most productive issues discussed was a reassessment of the overall vision of the VCC2 and its interactivity with the other VCCs​. This moment of self-awareness both as a team and as individuals working in different national and institutional contexts was of significant importance and it was -among others- eloquently depicted in the VCC2 blog name: We have to re-think, re-shape, re-imagine, re-define​ our research and educational ethos towards the Digital Humanities.



Following the VCC2 meeting, the kick-off event of DARIAH-GR took place on the 7th and 8th of April, which was hosted at beautiful and the historical building of the Academy of Athens. With this event the DYAS network inaugurated its activities and initiatives. During this two-day event, the DARIAH project as well the DYAS network were introduced and the main goals of the Greek Digital Infrastructure for Arts & Humanities were further elaborated and discussed. Alongside some invited speakers from the Digital Humanities international ​community, a vibrant audience attended the event and contributed with their inputs to the discussion.

kick off

Both these events constitute the official start of the DARIAH project in Greece, Laurent Romary’s tweet encapsulate our feelings, efforts and goals: “Greece enters DARIAH- EU full speed!”

This post was contributed by Anna-Maria Sichani & Athanasios Karasimos, DARIAH-GR, Academy of Athens Research Team

DARIAH Workshop DH 2014 : Innovative Teaching Methods and Practices in Digital Humanities


This workshop at DH 2014 assembled an international audience with an interest in and experience of using innovative methodological approaches to teaching Digital Humanities. It showcased a number of exemplary contributions on digital pedagogy in general, and DH teaching in particular.



Showcases (in alphabetical order):

IMG_2836  IMG_2869

The second half of the workshop started with an impulse talk on DH Methods Training in an international context by Ray Siemens. After that, the participants explored challenges encountered, requirements that need to be addressed, and common denominators that can be identified in order to advance the development of a digital pedagogy for digital humanities.



At the end of the workshop, DARIAH-AT sponsored two awards for contributors to the workshop which were voted for by workshop participants:

  • Best Contribution Award: David Birnbaum
  • Innovative Project Award: Kostis Kornetis, Anna-Maria Sichani

The workshop was hosted the Virtual Competency Centre 2:  Research and Education Liaison of the ERIC Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH), represented by Claire Clivaz, Walter Scholger and Toma Tasovac.

The abstracts for the showcased contributions are available as a PDF here.

The Workshop outline and detailed programme is available as a PDF here.