PARTHENOS Training Survey

The PARTHENOS cluster, created to encourage cohesion between research infrastructure projects, is investigating ways in which training in Research Infrastructures is, or can become, embedded in higher education curricula.  In order to do this, the PARTHENOS training team is conducting a survey of how knowledge about research infrastructures is presented in formal education courses and programmes of study. Continue reading PARTHENOS Training Survey

Defining Communities in Research

Community Engagement Working Group poster at the DARIAH Annual Event in Berlin, April 2017

The Community Engagement working group in VCC2 is charged with making meaningful connections with researchers in the AHSS disciplines in order to drive forward work within the wider VCC2 network.

In order to do this, of course, we must first identify and define the communities with whom we want to engage.  At the DARIAH Annual Event, held in Berlin last month, we launched our campaign to do just that. Continue reading Defining Communities in Research

May I present you: the DH Course Registry!

This year’s DARIAH Annual Event, hosted last week in Berlin, had a lot of interesting presentations and new introductions! Among them, the DH Course Registry, an open, online inventory of DH modules, courses and programmes in Europe. Originally developed by DARIAH-NL, the Course Registry has become a central service of DARIAH-EU and was now re-launched as a joint effort of the European research infrastructures CLARIN-ERIC and DARIAH-EU. Continue reading May I present you: the DH Course Registry!