Reflections on the Community Engagement Working Group Internship

By Xander Cosgrave,
Intern from the MPhil in Digital Humanities and Society at Trinity College Dublin

So it’s time to talk about my internship with DARIAH and the Community Engagement Working Group. Firstly I need to explain DARIAH, it’s a European Research Infrastructure Consortium, or an ERIC that is focused on the support of research and learning in the digital humanities. The specific part I was working in is the Community Engagement branch, and the DARIAH Community Engagement working group internship was part of the programme for identifying research communities and their needs, one of the working principles of the working group, and was then of course tied into the professional development module for the M.Phil in Digital Humanities and Society that I study in TCD. Continue reading Reflections on the Community Engagement Working Group Internship

Mork and Tork demonstrate the intergalactic importance of Standards

The PARTHENOS Project is pleased to add another video to its suite of training resources this week.  “The Adventures of Mork and Tork : Why Standards?” introduces us to two loveable aliens, Mork and Tork, who demonstrate the importance of Standards, not only in data, but also in everyday life.

Mork and Tork were the creation of PARTHENOS project Work Package 4 within the PARTHENOS project, with a script written by Dorian Seiller and Richard James, and were initially published as a colourful brochure with graphics by French artist, Agathe Gastaldi.  Such was the popularity of the aliens that PARTHENOS felt it merited reaching a wider audience as an animated video.

This video, using the original designs by Gastaldi, has now been produced by Trinity College Dublin (TCD), with voice over work from colleagues in TCD, INRIA in France, FHP in Germany, and SISMEL in Italy, making it available in four languages.  All four versions will be available on the PARTHENOS Training Suite, here : , as well as from the PARTHENOS YouTube channel.

“We continue to try to find new ways to demonstrate the issues that we discuss in our training materials, and we were so impressed with the brochure that INRIA had produced, we felt it was perfect for creating a fun and shareable video that would introduce people to the concepts of data standards” says Dr. Jennifer Edmond, leader of WP7 in PARTHENOS, dealing with Training.

A YouTube playlist of all four videos can be found here: