Report on requirements and practices among (Digital) Humanities researchers

The DARIAH Community Engagement Working Group has published its report, “Barriers and Pathways to Community Engagement”, which presents the findings of investigations into the requirements and work-practices of Humanities researchers across Europe (and beyond), and what attracts, or indeed puts them off when engaging with Research Infrastructures (RIs) such as DARIAH.

The report showcases the activities of the working group over a 12-month project “Engaging Research Communities Beyond DARIAH”, funded through the DARIAH Working Group Funding Scheme.  It highlights the issues that might prevent researchers from participating in RIs like DARIAH, and looks at possible pathways that all members of RIs, but in particular other Working Groups within RIs might want to adopt to bring new members in.  Finally, it offers overall recommendations for those involved in strategic planning for RI engagement at an institutional, national or international level.

The group took the approach of experimenting with different  activities to evaluate how effective they might be for other Working Groups within large projects and Research Infrastructures like DARIAH.  This included hosting an internship, as well as providing a travel bursary for an early career researcher as a way to bring less-experienced members of the Humanities community into the DARIAH network.  The recipients of both made a significant and helpful contribution to our work, and to this report, and we are very grateful to Xander Cosgrave (our Intern) and Patricia Ferreira-Lopes (Travel Bursary recipient) for their work.

The Working Group is Co-Chaired by Eliza Papaki and Vicky Garnett, both of whom are based in Trinity College Dublin, and benefits from scholarly contributions from Community Engagement Working Group members within the DARIAH network.  The full report can be downloaded here: Community Engagement Report 2017-2018, or if you catch us at a conference or meeting you can pick up one of our printed editions.