May I present you: the DH Course Registry!

This year’s DARIAH Annual Event, hosted last week in Berlin, had a lot of interesting presentations and new introductions! Among them, the DH Course Registry, an open, online inventory of DH modules, courses and programmes in Europe. Originally developed by DARIAH-NL, the Course Registry has become a central service of DARIAH-EU and was now re-launched as a joint effort of the European research infrastructures CLARIN-ERIC and DARIAH-EU.

It is considered a key DARIAH-EU service developed, proudly, within the VCC2 Working Group “Training and Education”. A fine showcase of European collaboration, the registry has been conceptualized, realized and sustained by colleagues from The Netherlands, Germany, France and Austria, with additional data and feedback provided by colleagues from Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Serbia and many more.

Hendrik Schmeer and Walter Scholger showcase the DH Course Registry at the Dariah Annual Event

The DH Course Registry currently covers only (a selection of) DH courses offered by European academic organizations, but an extension of the Registry beyond Europe can easily be achieved. Students, lecturers and researchers can search the database on the basis of related disciplines, topographical information (location), ECTS credits or the academic degrees that are awarded. In addition, it is possible to search for courses based on TaDiRAH, a Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities (including labels for techniques and objects) and sub-disciplines from the Social Sciences and the Humanities (SSH).

Its goal is to provide information to: (i) students and researchers who intend to take up study in the field of Digital Humanities, (ii) lecturers who are looking for examples of good practices in the DH field or want to promote their own DH-related teaching activities and material, and (iii) administrators who aim to attract and facilitate staff mobility and exchange.

The DH Course Registry aims to be as inclusive as possible and only enforces some very basic restrictions in order to keep the information in the database relevant and DH-focused. Apart from that, for each country that is represented in the Course Registry, a dedicated National Moderator will be appointed to ensure the accuracy of the database, curate the data and reach out to students, lecturers and administrators in their respective countries.

Visit the DH Course Registry here!