PARTHENOS Training shows a new direction in training for Research Infrastructures

PARTHENOS, the infrastructure cluster project, of which DARIAH is a part, has recently launched its online training suite in the principles and practicalities of research infrastructures (RIs). Training modules are no new thing within research methodologies and infrastructures. #dariahTeach has its own suite of modules and materials for those wanting to learn more about tools and approaches to Digital Humanities, many of which are offered as vox-pop videos discussing aspectsof the Digital Humanities, full lectures and slideshows. In doing so, however, there is a clear distinction between this and a MOOC-style approach.

In the same way, PARTHENOS avoids this MOOC approach, instead offering materials that can be used as stand-alone resources for use in existing training courses, or as part of a collection with a suggested course outline. The intention has very much been to develop a ‘train the trainers’ suite of tools, making it attractive to professionals working in Cultural Heritage Institutions with archival materials as well as students in Higher Education.The resources are as diverse as one might expect from an online suite, with videos of full lectures, broken down into more manageable sections, ‘bitesize’ videos offering quick information about some of the core concepts of RIs, slideshows, PDFs and onscreen text.

The training suite has developed from the careful analysis of user requirements and lessons learnt by previous projects such as #dariahTeach, DigCurv and CENDARI. Taking a similar starting point as the DigCurv project, the PARTHENOS training suite is aimed at 4 core user-types: the novice practitioners (to include researchers and CHI professionals), the experienced practitioners, the developers and the executive level. Looking at the needs of each of these, it became clear that there were overlaps among these groups, depending on expertise. From this, three modules were developed, one to introduce the core concepts of RIs to the less experienced RI-user, one for the more experienced RI-user who perhaps aims to develop an infrastructure or platform of their own, and one aimed at the experienced RI practitioner looking to create collaborative elements within their RI.As the PARTHENOS project moves into its second half, the training will also switch from generic introductory training to more specific topics around standardisation, and policy. Existing training modules and resources on the site may be supplemented further as feedback comes in from users, or as PARTHENOS identifies gaps.

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