This hashtag has been a Twitter trend for two days, on 12 and 13 October 2015. The reason lies in the Europeana Research Workshop “Using European Infrastructures for Humanities research: Scoping Content, Tools and Users” held then in Athens, hosted by the Digital Curation Unit, Athena R.C. Bringing together several key stakeholders of Europeana (Research Infrastructures, projects, e-content experts and digital humanists), the aim was to discuss and brainstorm on how the new platform of Europeana Research should be structured to best serve the needs of the community. 


Around the table sat several representatives from various research infrastructures initiatives including EHRI, DARIAH Teach, Pelagios,Iperion CH, Parthenos and DARIAH. Gathering such an audience from so many different projects created an interesting mixture of people, specialties and opinions which resulted in a lively discussion. Apart from short presentations of these projects, the structure of the workshop centered around two round table discussions on who the users of Europeana Research are and on Digital Content and Metadata for Research. As Europeana Research cannot be the place for everything, identifying the different user communities was a crucial point in the discussion in an attempt to elaborate on the ways in which the new platform could potentially deal with and serve the needs of such a diverse audience. The second round-table introduced the different stakeholders to a new initiative of Europeana Research which will focus on building thematic use cases allowing collaboration with partner infrastructures in terms of content and research audience. Having to deal with issues of data licensing, copyrights and interoperability, thoughts and insights that were provided by the group provided valuable feedback in the development of the new project.

Digital Curation Unit, ATHENA R.C.