DYAS / DARIAH GR: Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

katsiadakiThe closing event of the first phase of DYAS / DARIAH GR took place in the Academy of Athens on September 15, 2015. Members of the DYAS / DARIAH GR network were given the chance to present an overview of the initiatives undertaken during the first phase of the Project: the creation of a repository of scholarly resources for the humanities, the various services supported by the network, the educational seminars organized by the members of DYAS / DARIAH GR, and, not least, the methods and practices related to the construction of thesauri for the humanities. Furthermore, the members of the network discussed issues pertaining to the semantic aggregation of content, as well as the importance of the development of a community of researchers around the network. In her closing talk, Dr. Helen Katsiadakis, Co-ordinator of DYAS and National Co-ordinator for DARIAH-GR, presented an overall assessment of the Project and the perspectives for its continuation.

A round table discussion took place before the closing of the ceremony, where the consortium had the opportunity to express their views on the various ways in which digital technologies can promote research in the humanities and support research communities. One of the key issues raised was the need to raise and enhance awareness about the human network and to build and develop a vital research community around it. Further interesting questions included ways in which digital technologies may transform or facilitate humanities research.

Overall, this was a memorable closing event, and, hopefully, a good first step towards the second phase of the initiative.

Pictures from the event can be found here: http://bit.ly/dariah-gr-photos


Nephelie Chatzidiakou, Digital Curation Unit, IMIS, “Athena” R.C.