Welcome to DARIAH-RE!

Welcome to DARIAH-RE, the blog of DARIAH’s Research and Education Virtual Competency Centre (VCC2). Here you will find information about workshops and events, research activities undertaken by the DARIAH community, as well as featured posts from DARIAH members.


DARIAH, the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities, aims to enhance and support digitally-enabled research and teaching across the disciplines. It develops, maintains and operates an infrastructure in support of ICT-based research practices. More information about DARIAH is available here.

DARIAH operates through its European-wide network of Virtual Competency Centres (VCCs). Each of them is centred on a specific area of expertise. They are cross-disciplinary, multi-institutional and international.


VCC2 Research and Education promotes and supports the use of research data and ICT methods and technologies, including the DARIAH infrastructure. It acts as the primary contact with the Arts and Humanities research and teaching communities, providing the interface between DARIAH and researchers undertaking basic, applied and practice-led research. It seeks to understand Arts and Humanities research practices and processes, and to understand and promote the use and application of ICT-enabled methods and tools, with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary understanding and exchange.

VCC2 Research and Education is coordinated by Agiatis Benardou (Senior Research Associate, Digital Curation Unit, IMIS Athena Research Center, Greece) and Marianne Ping Huang (Vice-Dean, Aarhus University, Denmark).